Knee Replacement Surgery

“Can I squat after a total knee replacement?” is a common question from my patients.

The answer is it depends on the following patient factors:

  1. If the painful osteoarthritic knee has very poor range of motion prior to surgery (say less than 90 degrees of bending), it is unlikely that the patient will be able  to squat after surgery.
  2. If the painful osteoarthritic knee has reasonable degree of knee bending prior to surgery (say up to 130 degrees of bending), than it may be possible for the patient to squat after surgery.
  3. It will help if the patient is motivated to improve the knee range of motions after surgery either by doing exercises by themselves or with the help of a physiotherapist and to strengthen the muscles around the knee.

A lot of my patients who have undergone knee replacement surgeries have been able to return to squatting post-surgery.

I have a video showing a collection of these patients but I cannot show it to you on this website due to regulations set out by the Ministry of Health, Singapore. Do request me to show it to you during your consultation with me.