Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury

Arthroscopic Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction Using Allografts


Ideal Graft

  • Reproduces Anterior Cruciate Ligament Biomaterial Properties
    • minimal graft site morbidity
    • stable fixation
    • immediate intensive rehabilitation

Bone-Patellar Tendon-Bone Graft

  • Disadvantages
    • Donor site morbidity
      • Knee cap pain
      • Crepitus and tendinitis
      • Quadriceps weakness
    • Rare
      • Patella fractures
      • Patellar tendon ruptures
      • Infrapatellar contracture syndrome

Patella fracture after BTPB Harvesting


Patella cartilage damage from BPTB Harvesting

Hamstrings Grafts

  • Advantages
    • Less donor site morbidity
      • Decreased knee cap pain
      • Decreased tendinitis
      • Less quadriceps weakness

But Why Sacrifice Hamstrings When…

  • Hamstrings are important rotational and anterior stabilizers of the knee
  • A role similar to the ACL
    • V.C.Mow et al
    • JOR 18:1 2000


  • Also known as donor cadaveric grafts
  • As opposed to your own tissue which is known as autografts


Ultimate Strength & Stiffness


Allograft Reconstructions

  • Advantages
    • No donor site morbidity
    • Very rapid rehabilitation
    • Less pain
    • Smaller scars
    • Shorter operating time
    • Ideal for multiple ligament reconstructions
    • Choice of graft size and length
  • What It Means to You
    • Less pain
    • Smaller Scars
    • Quicker recovery
  • Disadvantages
    • Potential disease transmission
    • 1:1,667,700 HIV risk with fresh frozen
    • Higher costs – donor grafts imported from AATB accredited tissue banks in USA

Allograft ACL Reconstruction

For More Information

  • Please refer to the book chapter on “Allograft ACL Reconstruction” written by Dr HC Chang
    • Insall and Scott Surgery of the Knee, 4th edition, Chapter 41
    • Published by Churchill Livingston
    • Hardbound, ISBN: 0-443-06671-X, 2048 pages, publication date: 2006



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