Olecranon Bursitis

Olecranon Bursitis

What is Olecranon Bursitis?

It is a swelling of a bursal tissue at the tip of the elbow (also known as the olecranon).

Olecranon bursitis occurs when the olecranon bursa becomes inflamed, swollen and painful.

MRI of the elbow showing olecranon bursitis.

MRI of olecranon bursitis

Sometimes the olecranon bursa can become infected and pus may drain out of through the skin. Some of these patients may require surgery to remove the inflamed olecranon bursal tissues.

Treatment of Olecranon Bursitis

  • Oral anti-inflammatory medications.
  • Ice the painful swelling.
  • Oral antibiotics if infected.
  • Aspiration of the bursal swelling.
  • Surgical excision.