Meniscus Tears Can Lead to Cartilage Injuries

Untreated Meniscus Tears

  • The medial and lateral menisci are shock absorbers inside the knee joint.
  • Tears of these structures will impair their shock aborption functions leading to accelerated wear of the cartilage inside the knee joint.
  • If left untreated, these meniscus tears act as a “pebble in a shoe” and may cause more cartilage damage.

Medial Plica Syndrome

  • The plica only becomes a problem when the knee is irritated, causing an inflammation in the synovial sack.
  • When the synovium is inflamed, the area of the plica becomes thicker.
  • This thickened area then begins to catch on the femur as the knee moves.
  • This in turn keeps the plica inflamed resulting in a viscous cycle.
Meniscus Tears Lead to Cartilage Injuries 1
Meniscus Tears Lead to Cartilage Injuries 2
Meniscus Tears Lead to Cartilage Injuries 3
Meniscus Tears Lead to Cartilage Injuries 4


Meniscus tears when diagnosed should be treated and not left alone.
It becomes more difficult to treat when the overlying articular cartilage becomes worn out by the torn meniscus.
A properly debrided torn meniscus is less likely to wear out the cartilage compared to a torn meniscus.

Please note that the information contained herein is for general medical information only.
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